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Our Vision –

Our aim is to be Australia’s highest quality construction and maintenance company that is majority owned, managed and operated by Aboriginals. Our vision is to improve the future for Aboriginal people through quality skills development and industry experience to better Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.


Our focus is on:

  • Providing professional services in the area of construction, maintenance and building including all design, project and construction management.

  • Providing training and development programs aimed at Aboriginal people to develop their skills to develop a mix of a labour competent and management competent.

  • Continuing education and training with a focus on the construction industry.

  • Adapt and respond to developing and changing industry needs.

We will achieve this through our core values:

  • Quality maintenance first.

  • Quality construction first.

  • Strong work ethic and mutual respect with business partners.

  • Respect for Aboriginal people and communities above profits.

  • Collaboration to leverage off collective genius.


Short Term Objectives –

  • Approach existing business partners to discuss potential job opportunities to build awareness of the company’s ideals.

  • Develop networks with industry leaders throughout the construction, strata and all management industry.

  • Hire skilled Aboriginal people on projects under the new joint venture company.

  • Developing training curriculum with existing training centres to support Aboriginal learning in construction management and business.


Long-Term Strategy –

  • Win leading jobs as Australia’s finest Aboriginal maintenance and Construction Company.

  • Develop business relationships with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

  • Be a business partner to winning companies with shared aims to develop Aboriginal people.



  • High profile organisations establishing Reconciliation Action Plans to be involved with Aboriginal companies and communities

  • Potential to enter into Aboriginal training and vocational education specialising in construction management; design and business

  • Hiring and management of skilled labour

  • Potential to develop joint ventures with our internal contacts

  • Business alliance with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)   



  • Extensive project experience in maintenance, construction and project management; structural/ façade engineering and sustainable design; and business acumen

  • Highly educated leaders in Building and Construction Management; Structural/ Façade Engineering and Sustainability; and Business Economics and Aboriginal relations

  • Established reputation within the NSW construction industry

  • Capital structure and support through Joint Venture with Onsite Group

  • Relationships with established training organisations      Established training centres offering facility sharing opportunities to support Aboriginal training.


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